Perimeter Fence Security Upgrading at ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand


Страна: Тайланд
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Заказчик: United Nations Secretariat
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Дата публикации: 27-06-2017
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Perimeter Fence Security Upgrading at ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand
United Nations Secretariat
26-Jul-2017 00:00
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Bangkok, Thailand, is seeking a qualified and experienced contractor for the provision of Perimeter Fence Security Upgrading at ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the current perimeter on road frontage including the perimeter fence, vehicle gates and pedestrian entry with a focus on the following key areas: 1.1 Perimeter fence: To redesign Perimeter Fence so that it is non-climbable and capable of providing increased protection, as compared to the existing fence, to occupants against the effects of a blast from a hand grenade or similar small Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that produces shrapnel, and/or an explosive device less than 20kg detonated outside the perimeter and crash protection for those sections of the perimeter fence which remain vulnerable. 1.2 Vehicle gates and civil works: To redesign Vehicle Gates so they perform an anti-ram function, are remotely controlled and electrically or hydraulically driven so as to operate promptly in case of emergency. 1.3 Pedestrian access (staff): To provide unsupervised points for staff with sufficient capacity to allow entry and exit during peak periods with minimal delays. Turnstiles are to be completed except for Access Control Readers which will be provided by ESCAP. Access points would be designed to prevent tail-gating and have anti-pass back read-in, read-out features incorporated into the access control system to ensure that one access card cannot be used for more than one entry at a time. 1.4 Maintenace services are required for the above Section 1.2 and 1.3.
Chief, Procurement Unit
Chief, Procurement Unit
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C - Components & Supplies
30000000 - Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
30170000 - Doors and windows and glass
H - Defense, Security & Safety Equipment & Supplies
46000000 - Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies
46160000 - Public safety and control
46161500 - Traffic control
46170000 - Security surveillance and detection
46171600 - Surveillance and detection equipment
46171619 - Security or access control systems
J - Services
72000000 - Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
72150000 - Specialized trade construction and maintenance services
72151700 - Safety and security system installation services
72151701 - Access control system installation service
72154000 - Specialty building and trades services
72154013 - Fence construction service
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Perimeter Fence Security Upgrading at ESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand Источник: Contracts Finder

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